Previous Teaching

TA, University of Cambridge

Linear Algebra (MPhil), Michaelmas 2018, 2019, 2020
[Course Material][Exercise Solution Manual]
Additional Material:
[Transformation][Determinant][Eigenvectors][Jacobian][Jacobian (Alternative)]
[Application: COVID-19]
[2018 Evaluations][2019 Evaluations][2020 Evaluations]

Janeway Fellow, Christ’s College

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate, Part IIB), 2019-2021
Online Supervisions:
[Supervision 8 – International II]
[Supervision 9 – Revision]
Additional Material:
[Handout 1 (Solow Speed)]
[Handout 2 (Continuous Time Models)]
[Handout 3 (Substitutes or Complements)][Additional Questions]
[Handout 4 (Effective Lower Bound)]
[Handout 5 (Government Debt Dynamics)]
[Handout 6 (Jeanne (2016) Model)]
[Handout 7 (Gambling on Recovery)]
[How to Prepare for Open Book Exams]
[2020 Evaluations][2021 Evaluations]

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate, Part IIA), 2019-2021
Online Supervisions:
[Supervision 8 – International I]
[Supervision 9 – International II]
[Mock Exam][Supervision 10 – Mock Exam & Revision]
[Supervision 11 (2020) – COVID Models]
Additional Material:
[Handout 1 (The Intertemporal Budget Constraint)]
[Handout 2 (CRRA Utility and Hall’s Random Walk)]
[Handout 3 (The Expected Duration of Unemployment)]
[Handout 4 (Integration Refresher)][Tim Harford’s Talk about Phillips]
[The BoE Red Book (2015)][Williamson (2016)]
[Handout 5 (Monetary Transmission)]
[Handout 6 (Continuous Time Models, IIB Handout 2)]
[Alternative Mock Exam][Alternative Mock Exam Solutions]
[How to Prepare for Open Book Exams]
[2020 Evaluations]

Visiting Lecturer, London School of Economics

International Economics (MSc), Michaelmas 2018
[Course Outline]
[Lecture 1 – Intertemporal Trade and the Current Account][Problem Set 1][Problem Set 1 Solutions]
[Lecture 2 – Life-Cycle Models][Problem Set 2][Problem Set 2 Solutions]
[Lecture 3 – Terms of Trade and the Real Exchange Rate][Problem Set 3][Problem Set 3 Solutions]
[Lecture 4 – International Business Cycles][Problem Set 4][Problem Set 4 Solutions]
[Lecture 5 – International Monetary Policy][Problem Set 5][Problem Set 5 Solutions]
Additional Material:
[2 Period CA Model with Production (Graph)][Linear Aggregation Procedure]
[Trade Elasticity, Complementarity and Substitutability][Log Linearisation]
[2018 Evaluations]
[Part II of course: Emile Marin]

Teaching Fellow, University of Cambridge

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), 2017-2019
Lecturers: Professor Giancarlo Corsetti (International Economics) & Dr. Petra Geraats (Economic Policy)
Additional Material:
[2019 Feedback Sheet][Revision Session]
[2017 Evaluations][2018 Evaluations][2019 Evaluations]
Supervisor / Special Supervisor, Christ’s, Magdalene, Newnham & St. John’s Colleges, University of Cambridge. Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), Various (2017-2019)